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Made with pride by the DeviantArt community BROWSE ALL ART

  It was a year of 1956, where a 10 year old boy named Frank Darius was about to receive a magical book called the book of time.
  June 5th 1956 young Frank Darius was walking downtown DC going to his friends house but on his way there he came across a strange and unusual store. Frank has always walked down the same street and has never seen before so he decided to check it out but when he went inside he figured it out it was a magic shop. 
  The magic shop was filled with the most amazing things that he has ever seen before in his life it had unique gadgets gizmos that he has never seen before but what was really into was the books. There were three bookcases filled with magical books, so Frank grab the first book that he can find and was filled with joy.
  As he was reading the book title the store owner came out to see what he was reading to his surprise the store owner seen Frank reading the book of time. The owner said to Frank boy do you know what you have here a magical book that can take you anywhere in time. If you love history then the book can take you anywhere you want to go at anytime you want and Frank was amazed to what he was hearing.
  The book was only just five dollars and Frank wanted it so badly he just had to have it he love to read books but one about time travel he knew that this one was going to be a great one. 
  So Frank bought the book the left to go to his friends house just as he was leaving he stopped and turned around to see if the magic shop was still there but it was gone but he stilled had the book in his hands. Maybe it was real and not just a dream so then he made it over to friends place to hang out.
We can't hide our fears from deep within
because within the end our fears will come out
we tried to hide behind a mask but it cannot last.

from within we have our fears that consume us
we want to move forward to move on but we cannot move on because our fears controls are action's
love, hate, happiness, and fear are all the same
we have a bright future ahead of us but we cannot let our fears hold us back and Hold Us Down we have to move forward.

we cannot control our fears cuz our fears will lead us into a greater depression
move on from what's within you move on to a greater passion move on to a greater happiness
a great man said the only thing to fear is fear itself.

move on past your ambitions and move past your fears so he can control them
you can do anything that you set your mind too if not your fears will hold you back from what you strive to succeed in doing with your future
I set a path for myself to break past the barrier of fear from that's within me.

join me on this journey moving past your own expectations that you have set for yourself and moving past your own and ambitions and fears
only a few that's within you or hold you down only you can pass your own self
so I say unto you that I will pass own expectations for myself and I will become more than what I have become no fear from deep within can bring me now cuz I can bring myself back up and keep moving on towards happiness with no fear.
It's a Wonderful Minecraft life

John was an ordinary kid who loved to play games his favorite game to play was Minecraft. Every day after school he always came home to play Minecraft his favorite game, and he was an honor roll students always did his work on time also always did what his mom told him to do.

Never got into any fights or any problems with anyone until one day John had worse day of his life and he wanted to come to play his favorite video game but that was not going to happen but little did he know his mother took his Xbox games and his Xbox 360 away from him, she had enough of him playing his video games all day long because she wanted him to do his homework and his chores.

When John found out that his game system took it away from his mother he was so angry he's always done his homework on time and got good grades all the time, he was an honor roll student also John did his chores like he was supposed to do there was no problem whatsoever with him playing his games.
  John just wanted to come home relax and just plays video game Minecraft it help him escaping reality especially even of all day John just want's to escape this terrible day he had but his evil mother wouldn't even have it, that's what he thought of her because he thought she mother but nothing like the evil stepmother in Cinderella fairy tail.

The only thing that you could do now is to sleep the day away and forget about what everything that has happened to him no more bullies, no more arguments with his mother, and no more school work to do!!. John set his alarm clock set to 7 p.m for dinner so that his mother angry with him so he took his nap and justed wished that his life was more like Minecraft.

As he was sleeping something strange was going on around him he suddenly felt something that will come up he looked up and it was a sheep but not just any old sheep it was a sheep from Minecraft it was trying to nibble at his hair.

As John's eyes fully opened up he get a good look around and he was not in his room no more it looked like he was in is most favorite video game of all time he got up and walked around to see more of the area where he was in it looked like he was next to a village. So he went over to the village and where the villager's we're at he thought to himself that he needed a place to stay in because of the bad situation that he was placed in.
  He kicked out one of the villager's out of their home because John needed a place to stay until he went home or until he finds a way home he didn't know how he was going to pull it off but what John needed to do now was to survive.

John went into the woods to get some supplies so he could be to survive he got wood, wool, and some meat from cows and pigs he went back to his house to make a crafting table so he can get a bed to sleep on he also made some tools like a wooden pickaxe so he could get some cobblestone to make a furnace so he cooked he his beef that he obtained from a cow earlier. As the sun was going down he knew what it meant he quickly got into his house put his bed down and ate some of his cooked beef then he went to bed yet again but surprising to him he was happy where he was.

 John didn't want to go back to where he came from he doesn't miss it at all as John fell back asleep something was happening around him the world changed around him back to the way it was before. Then his alarm clock went off and it was 7 p.m time for dinner his mother yelled up the stairs John suddenly got up and look to see that he was back home in the real world "he said to himself was it all a dream or was it real no it had to have been real" he was still full from eating that beef that he cooked. John felt something in his pants pocket it was a card that said: "if you ever want to come back to the world of Minecraft all you have to do is place the card under your pillow and you'll wake back up where you last left from".

 So John went back to the other world each and every night for the rest his life he didn't need the game when he can just live it for real he told his mother that she can keep his game's and his Xbox 360 and to stuff it up her asshole. So John was now even more happy with every day that came his way and nothing on this planet that would stop them from going to his own world.


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